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How energy efficient is my heated towel rail?

No modern washroom is complete without a statement towel warmer. Once considered a luxury, heated towel rails are now a popular feature in bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. But with consumers becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint, we’re increasingly asked about the energy efficiency of our towel warmers. Do heated heated towel racks guzzle power? Can they be turned off remotely? Are they controlled by timers?

We’ve put together a short guide answering some of the most common questions we get about the energy efficiency of our towel warmers.

Will a timer help reduce my energy usage?

As with all household goods, the key to responsible usage is all about timing. If you’re monitoring your energy consumption, then a timer allows you to have full control over when your towel warmer is operating. This means you don’t have to worry about leaving your towel warmer running until you get back home – simply set your controller to activate at times that suit your lifestyle. 

All Tuzio and Kontour towel warmers are available with WiFi controllers designed to deliver total ease to your everyday routine. With a smart WiFi controller, you’ll be able to programme your towel warmer for seven days with remote mobile access and voice assisted integration technology. Not only do timers help keep costs down: they save time and provide you with the assurance that you’re doing your bit for the planet too. 

Are electric models more energy efficient?

When used properly, both electric and hydronic towel warmers can be energy efficient heat sources for your bathroom. The benefit of choosing an electric towel warmer is that it doesn’t engage the rest of your heating system: meaning your towel warmer will work in isolation from your boiler system and utilise electric wire heating to keep your towels toasty. 

Electric towel warmers are perfect for warm fluffy towels, but if you’re looking for a secondary heating source for your bathroom, then a Tuzio liquid-filled towel warmer can reach between 45°C and 55°, taking just 20-40 minutes to reach maximum heat. 

How much do towel warmers cost to run?

Tuzio towel warmers draw between 150W and 450W. To calculate your energy usage, we’ve put together a simple formula to help you get a rough idea of how much a Tuzio towel warmer costs to run:

Towel warmer element size ___ watts (eg: 150watts – this is the maximum draw, not continuous draw)

Divide by 2 to get continuous draw ___ watts (eg: 75watts – this is the continuous draw from a 150w heating element)

Divide continuous draw by 100 to get kilowatts_____kilowatts (eg: 0.075)

Multiply by cost of electricity (per hr) in your area $ ___ /hour (based on $0.18/kw/hr, this towel warmer will cost $0.0135/hr to run – That’s about $2.27/month based on 6 heating hours/day)

Electricity costs vary from $0.07 to $0.18 by region. Check a recent bill from your power provider to complete this calculation.

Does a quick heat up time make it more efficient?

Yes – if you’re shopping for a towel warmer, keep an eye on how long they take to heat up. The quicker a towel warmer heats up, the quicker it will complete its job of warming up towels or acting as a heat source for your bathroom. All ICO towel warmers start to heat up as soon as they are switched on and they’ll start to feel nice and warm in just ten minutes. By investing in a high quality towel warmer that heats up quickly, you’ll benefit from vastly reduced operating costs and energy consumption in the long term.

Find your perfect towel warmer with ICO

ICO is passionate about bringing beautiful bathrooms to homes across North America. Our towel warmers, vessel sinks and accessories are stunning fixtures, designed to bring beautiful design accents to your home.

We’re proud to offer generous warranties and first-rate customer service. By working together with trusted dealers, we bring affordable luxury with contemporary and classic designs to you. If you want to learn more about towel warmers, browse our collections or find your nearest ICO dealer.

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