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Calma Vessel Sinks


Revitalise your bathroom with Calma. Bold structures and luscious materials have been skilfully paired to form this beautiful range of vessel sinks. 

Consisting of approximately 75% crushed dolomite, this natural, environmentally friendly mineral rock is infused with bonding resin, creating a strong, yet impeccably smooth material. Each sink is finished with a UV resistant Gelcoat, designed to withstand everyday use without compromising on its glistening, white luster for years to come. 

At the heart of each design is the simplicity of a product that functions as flawlessly as it looks. All models are durable, practical and provide a generous wash space to bring a little luxury to your daily routine.

Finish off our Calma sink with the World’s First Pop-Down® Drain. Unlike older protruding drains or gaping holes that spoil the look of a sink, this unique Australian design sits perfectly flush with the sink’s surface when open. Water swiftly glides through the discreet circular rim, which also prevents jewelry from falling to the depths of your drains. To close, simply press down on the drink and pop back up when you’re done.

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Calma Vessel Sink Brochure