Traditional Towel Warmers: The Timeless Bathroom Trend

Traditional Towel Warmers: The Timeless Bathroom Trend

If you’re searching for bathroom design inspiration, then you’ll probably be overwhelmed with choice when it comes to current tile trends and bold color palettes. But as with all interior design projects, it’s the finer details that truly bring the scheme together into a cohesive, finished look. Practical additions like towel warmers might not seem exciting at the start of your brainstorming process, but they can make or break your finished aesthetic. That’s why opting for something classic, that’s both versatile and timeless, will deliver lasting style pay-off for years to come: cue the traditional towel warmer.

Why we love Traditional Towel Warmers

The reason we love traditional heated towel rails? They bring that vintage-chic feel in abundance – blending cohesively with all types of design schemes, from big and bold industrial to charming ‘cottagecore’ luxury. The versatility of a traditional-style towel warmer cannot be understated. Having been a statement design feature in opulent hotel suites for decades, they’re now an affordable option for homeowners who are looking to add a little luxury to their bathroom. 

Traditional Towel Warmers: The Timeless Bathroom Trend

Versatile Aesthetic

The simplicity of a traditional towel warmer helps it blend cohesively into bathrooms of all shapes and styles. The vintage silhouette is the perfect choice for those who want a towel warmer to add warmth and depth to their bathroom, without it dominating the aesthetic of the space. We’ve styled our bestselling Tuzio Thames towel warmer (pictured above) in a soothing iceberg teal scheme with big contrasting hints of vintage luxury: a marble-topped vanity, a deep freestanding bath and elegant gold faucets and finishes to deliver a vintage-twist washroom moment. 

Simple Shapes

The beauty of a traditional towel warmer is in its understated elegance. The well-weighted bars are perfect for hanging towels and warming your bathroom without overpowering the overall design style. Whilst quiet and unassuming in their classic silhouette, vintage towel warmers still deliver that ‘wow’ moment when people enter the room – projecting an undeniable beauty through distinguished uniformity and restraint. 


Traditional towel warmers are often a little more compact than other styles. As much as we love long heated towel ladders and experimental designs like the Tuzio Ortona, sometimes a petite towel warmer makes the most design sense. Choosing a traditional towel warmer allows you to have warm fluffy towels, a powerful secondary heat source and a classic design feature without compromising on essential space that might be better used for sanitaryware or storage. 

Easy to Install 

Most people approaching a bathroom renovation project worry about installation. We know why: pipework and drainage isn’t exactly your everyday business and the last thing anybody wants is dreaded flooding. But installing a towel warmer is far more simple than you might think. All traditional towel warmers are available in electric hardwired, electric plug-in or hydronic models – so it really can be as easy as securing your towel warmer with screws and flicking a switch to get your towel warmer working. If you want to learn more about the technical aspects of installing a towel warmer, check out our Complete Guide to Towel Warmers for everything you need to know and more.


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