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Choosing the Perfect Towel Warmer Shape

Stepping out of the shower and reaching for a soft, warm towel is one of the simple pleasures in life. Heated towel rails don’t just bring comfort to your everyday routine though; they’re a sleek and stylish design consideration too.

A statement towel warmer works with any interior design style –  vintage, eclectic, contemporary, boho – you name it, there’s a heated towel rail to complement your space.

The perfect towel warmer shape is out there, you just need to find it…

Flat Panels

Romano ICO Towel Warmer

For something a little more impactful, a flat-panelled towel warmer offers a broader surface area, meaning warm, fluffy towels in no time at all. Simple and alluring, Romano (pictured above) is a statement design piece that holds its own and contrasts gorgeously against the natural materials and plants in the mediterranean-inspired setting.


Traditional Flanders Towel Warmer

If vintage is your thing, then a traditional towel warmer will fit seamlessly as a feature piece in your bathroom. Inspired by traditional exposed silhouettes, classic towel warmers bring that iconic style of the past into the present. The Flanders (pictured above) adds depth, character and a hint of opulence and even looks gorgeous when contrasted with a more modern interior scheme.

Square Ladder

The square towel warmer ladder is a timeless classic. With strong edges and balanced lines, angular models like the Avento (pictured above) are perfect for draping towels and bring that classic clean towel warmer look to your bathroom space. If you’re looking for a timeless piece that will coalesce your washroom into a strong, finished design scheme, then a classic square towel warmer is the way to go.

Rounded Bars

Sorano Towel Warmer with Bath

For a softer aesthetic, rounded towel warmers like the Sorano (pictured above) are an elegant choice. The smooth curves deliver a more gentle look, whilst still retaining the functionality of the ladder style that’s ideal for hanging fluffy towels. This style is perfect for those more minimalist spaces, where bold confident construction meets soft simplicity for ultimate bathroom bliss.

Curved Silhouette

Modern Bathroom with towel warmer

If large, luxurious towels are your thing, then a convex silhouette like the Kontour Convex (pictured above) is the way to go. This gorgeous model is a focal point, with its curves extending outwards, offering generous space for towels and a stunning well-weighted silhouette for an accent of drama. Perfect for contemporary washrooms where it’s strong, striking shape can speak for itself.


towel warmer shelf - choosing the perfect towel warmer

Towel warmers can be subtle too: just look at this cute and compact Novi (pictured above). This luxurious towel little touch transforms any sized bathroom into a cosy sanctuary. It’s perfect for storing rolled towels, and adds a real boutique feel to your home. If you don’t have a lot of space to play with, or maybe you’re just looking for something outside the box, then a heated towel shelf could be the perfect solution.

Style your Bathroom with ICO

We’re passionate about bringing beautiful bathrooms to homes across North America. Our towel warmers are designed to enrich lives through comfort, luxury and design.

ICO is proud to offer generous warranties and first-rate customer service. We work together with trusted dealers to bring affordable luxury with contemporary and classic designs to you. If you want to learn more about towel warmers, browse our collections or find your nearest ICO dealer.

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