Puccini Vessel Sink - 5 Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

5 Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

When it comes to renovation projects, homeowners tend to welcome small bathrooms with little enthusiasm.  With essential sanitaryware like toilets, sinks and showers often fighting for space, many find small bathroom projects stressful and challenging. But savvy designers love working with small rooms: creating ambitious schemes packed with personality and flair. It might be the smallest room in your home, but it can be the most impactful and a total pleasure to design if you put your mind to it. 

Go minimalist with a vessel sink

To achieve a seamless flow in a small bathroom, it’s best to avoid large vanity units as they can disrupt the flow of light. That’s where floating sinks prove to be not only a space saver, but serve beautifully as a central design piece too. 

The chic Puccini Vessel Sink (pictured above) is perched on top of a slim wooden shelf with wall-mounted taps, oozing style and elegance, all whilst saving valuable space. The space beneath the sink can then be utilized for storage for essentials like towels, toiletries and accessories.

Grab attention with a focal wallpaper or tile

Vessel Sink

A bright, light colour palette is often the go-to for smaller interior spaces. Light tones are perfect for reflecting light and creating the illusion of a larger room, but a focal wallpaper or tile is an effective way to enhance the space and inject personality into the design scheme. 

A statement wallpaper or tile draws the eye and makes an instant impression to your guests. If the shape of your compact bathroom is a little awkward, then a focal wall can detract from this and magnify the aspects that you want to showcase. 

Tall fixtures to draw the eyes up

bathroom with towel warmer, sink and shower

Opting for taller fixtures, like the Rosendal towel warmer (pictured above), elongates the space and really heightens the room. By lifting the eye towards the ceiling, the small bathroom becomes elevated and strengthened in its appeal.

Heated towel racks are a perfect way to achieve this illusion, but tall vanity units, shelving and even ladder storage are all clever ways to create height and utilise space more effectively in your petite washroom. 

Choose chic wall-mounted fixtures

Volkano Fire Glass Shelf - 5 Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Clutter is the last thing you need when creating your cosy washroom. Wall-mounting gives everything its place, all whilst saving space and looking effortless. Shelving is the obvious choice, but consider wall-mounted faucets, mirrors, toothbrush holders, towel hooks and other accessories that can be mounted to your walls. 

Glass shelving is a perfect solution for storage that doesn’t overwhelm the small space. By reflecting light and promoting openness, glass shelving like the Volkano Fire Glass Shelf (pictured above) is minimal, reflective and useful all at once. 

Take advantage of nooks with built-in shelving 

Built in bathroom shelving - 5 Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

Small washrooms often contain recesses and alcoves that aren’t utilized to their full potential. But if you get creative with your space and start to consider every part of your bathroom as a potential area for shelving or storage, you’ll begin to see innovative possibilities for your washroom.

Built-in shelving is the perfect solution to maximize on space without compromising on style. With bathroom shelving solutions available in all shapes and sizes, investing in bespoke shelving solutions to fit your space will pay off in the long term. 

Style your Bathroom with ICO

ICO is passionate about bringing beautiful bathrooms to homes across North America. Our towel warmers, vessel sinks and accessories are stunning fixtures, designed to bring beautiful design accents to your home.

We’re proud to offer generous warranties and first-rate customer service. By working together with trusted dealers, we bring affordable luxury with contemporary and classic designs to you.

If you want to learn more about towel warmers, browse our collections or find your nearest ICO dealer.

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