10 Tips For Your Home Reno Project

It seems that we could all be stuck inside for a while, so why not start planning that home renovation project you’ve been thinking about. To help you get started, we have polled a few people we know who have been through renovations and professionals in the industry to get their best advice. Below are our top 10 tips to help you get through your renovation!

1) Budget, budget & budget!

It will cost more than you think. Unexpected problems will come up that cannot be avoided, so when you make your budget, keep some aside for the unexpected. Also, be prepared to re-assign your budget partway through the project.

If there is something you are dying to have such as a towel warmer, you might be surprised at the reasonably priced options. For example, our Kontour range is quite affordable and luxurious!

2) Make a clean plan but be flexible

Plan your project ahead of time. This should go hand in hand with your budget. Keep in mind the scope of the project and try not to let that creep too big as the project moves along. You don’t want to budget for new floors, then end up paying for a whole new kitchen.

Also keep in mind that plans will change. You might learn that you cannot move that sink where you want or that there is no good place for a wall-mounted toilet paper holder. When that happens, you might have to go back a few steps and re-plan your layout and re-work your budget. In those cases, picking a new sink or grabbing a free-standing toilet paper holder are easy fixes that won’t break the bank. These kinds of issues are more common than people would like, so when it does happen, approach the problem with a rational mind and you’ll come up with the perfect solution.

3) Decide if you can DIY or if you are better off hiring a professional

This one is tricky, it depends on your skill level, the job at hand, your budget and more. Trades have safety codes in place for a reason, so depending on the project bring someone in to do it, or at least to check on your completed work. It doesn’t matter how good the final project looks if it falls apart in 2 years.

Some jobs, however, can be simple to do on your own, if you have the skill, tools, and patience to do it correctly. For example, a handy homeowner can easily install their own bathroom accessory pieces if they feel confident, but if you are more like myself, you would go straight to a professional.

Whatever you decide, be smart and be safe.

4) Protect all surfaces you want to keep… countertops, glass, flooring, etc

Things fall, paint spills, accidents happen so make sure to protect the things you would rather not replace during this renovation.

5) There will be a mess

is going to be intense – be prepared

Everyone knows that renovations are messy, but everyone is surprised at just how messy they can get. Do your best to be prepared. Have a shop vac, garbage bags, dusting supplies, rags and other cleaning supplies ready at hand so you can continuously manage the mess so it doesn’t become unbearable. Cleaning as you go can make the process smoother and easier.

6) Cheap is expensive

That’s right. Hiring the cheapest contractor or getting the cheapest product can lead to costly fixes down the road. Do your research, check reviews and do it right the first time to save money. If you’re not sure and want advice, reach out to your local showroom, they are professionals and work with budgets big and small.

7) Be patient

Everything and I mean everything will take longer than you would like. Delays happen. Even a thing as simple as the wrong product being sent out can put you back weeks. If that does happen, stay calm, yelling at your contractor or the delivery guy will not help your renovation wrap up any sooner. Work together for the best solution. You might end up taking a second look at your local bathroom showroom and finding a better vessel sink than you originally picked!

8) Problems will come up

For real, when you take a wall down, you won’t know what’s behind it until it’s too late and it could be bad. Try not to panic because when you made your budget you planned extra for this exact situation. Whatever the issue, there will be a solution, you just need to think rationally until you find the solution that works for you and your home.

9) Word of mouth isn’t always great

Not every trade person your friends recommend are guaranteed to be good. Especially trades like tilers where so many are self-taught. Make sure to do your own research. You want to hire the best people for you and your needs.

10) If you are a DIY master, measure twice, cut once!

That’s a simple one. Once a countertop is cut, it’s cut for good.


We had a lot of people to straight-up say don’t renovate, or if you do, have wine, beer and a divorce lawyer on speed dial!
Of course, this one is a joke, however, renovations are a very stressful time so do your best to keep your cool and have fun with it when you can!

icobath lifestyle bathroom - Kontour

icobath lifestyle bathroom – Kontour

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