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7 Reasons You Need a Towel Warmer

Have you ever wondered what a towel warmer is and why you need one? You aren’t alone! Many people living in North American have never heard of or have never used one of these wonderful inventions made popular in European hotels.

A towel warmer is simply, a bathroom accessory that heats and dries your towel as well as supplies radiant heat to a room. However, that does not answer the question of WHY you need one so let me list the reasons;


Towel Warmer is Luxury

With a towel warmer you’ll add that luxurious touch to your bathroom to make every day feel like a spa day. Gone are the days of stepping out of the shower to a damp, smelly towel. Welcome to an era of warm, fresh towels. Just imagine wrapping yourself in a warm, dry towel everyday – luxury at its finest!


Towel Warmers Are Warm

If you’re like me, you might find your bathroom a bit chilly in the morning. A towel warmer can act as a secondary heat source and remove that chill to make your mornings that much easier to handle. You will find that you almost enjoy getting out of bed in the mornings knowing you get to get prep for your day in your warm, cozy bathroom.


Towel Warmers Fit All Styles

Towel warmers come in many styles and finishes that can match any bathroom design; everything from ultra-modern to ultra-traditional and everything in between. They come in wall mounted or freestanding designs and many finishes including chrome, brushed nickel, matte black and more!


Towel Warmers Keep Your Towels Clean

Do you hate it when your towel has that damp musty smell? I do, but now that I have a towel warmer it’s not a problem! Smelly towels are caused by dampness on the towel which provides a perfect home for mold and bacteria to set in. Hang your towel on a towel warmer and say goodbye to the days of smelly towels.


Towel Warmers Are A Great Way To Impress

It’s always fun to have a new toy to show off to those you love, and what better way than putting a towel warmer in your bathroom. In my opinion, warm towels in the morning are a much easier way to impress your in-laws than an elaborate home-cooked breakfast.


Towel Warmers Are The Perfect Final Touch

You use your bathroom every day, so why shouldn’t it be just as comfortable as your living room, as functional as your kitchen, and as stylish as you? A towel warmer is the finishing touch to bring your bathroom together in comfort, style and function. With a towel warmer, you really can have it all!


Towel Warmers Are Versatile

Towel warmers don’t have to be just for your bathroom. Do you have an athlete in your home? Hang that smelly sports equipment to dry it out even quicker. Are you a hot-tuber? Put one right by your patio door so you stay warm even outside of the tub. Are you like me and love the feeling of a warm housecoat? Add one to your bedroom or closet so every day you are greeted with a warm hug. Have any more ideas? Let us know!


If that doesn’t convince you that you need a towel warmer in your home, I’m not sure what will… but I will keep on trying.

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  1. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    With all the things you said, towel warmer really is a worthy investment nowadays as it comes in various designs and ranges but the heating functionalities are improved as well.

    • Bill Lesher
      Bill Lesher says:

      I need a traditional towel warmer on each for two bathrooms feed by my boiler. Need a full description toon because determines what valves I get and how ai route supply and return lines.


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