Introducing New Calma Vessel Sinks!

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest Calma vessel sinks!

The first in the line-up is the Cavalli vessel sink which is available in 2 options, completely gloss white and gloss white with a matte black exterior. Much like its namesake, the Cavalli vessel sink creates a strong dramatic effect sure to elevate your bathroom landscape. The asymmetrical basin is influenced by the contrast and movement used in this great composer’s works. Built to last a lifetime, this awe-inspiring sink is made from natural, environmentally friendly rock and coated with a UV gel-coat layer guaranteeing a perfect finish for years to come.

Second on the list is our new Puccini featuring a matte black exterior with the same smooth shape, a great way to add dramatic flair to your bathroom landscape.

The final sink on our list isn’t a new model, but instead a much-desired update to the Vivaldi Plus. The overflow drain is now a sleek slit that blends beautifully into the design of the sink and matches with any faucet finish.



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