All about Vessel Sinks

Perched atop the bathroom counter, a vessel sink offers a stunning focal point in contemporary washroom design. From perfectly rounded bowls and sleek rectangular sinks, through to asymmetrical basins and delicate oval styles: there’s a vessel sink to complement bathrooms of all aesthetics. 

Vessel sinks don’t just look gorgeous – they’re super simple to install and space saving alternatives to traditional washbasins. If you’re planning on adding a touch of luxury to your bathroom, then a vessel sink might just be the most chic and easy way to do so! 

What is a vessel sink?

Vessel sinks sit on top of the countertop or vanity. Best suited to washrooms, they’re often small to medium sized basins that aren’t pre-fitted with faucets. Typically, faucets are placed anywhere around the perimeter of the sink, either fitted into the countertop or into the wall. In order to avoid splashback and spillages, it’s important to consider the placement of the faucet in relation to the vessel sink, ensuring that the spout is directly over the drain or center of the sink. 

The benefits 

Vessel sinks are decorative design pieces that add character and style to modern bathroom design. But there are a whole host of benefits that come with installing a vessel sink.

Simple to install: Recessed sinks are costly and cumbersome. Vessel sinks eliminate the need to cut out space for large sinks – all they require is a small hole for the drain to fit! 

Style options: Guaranteed to catch attention, vessel sinks come in a huge range of shapes and styles, so you’ll find something to blend cohesively and elevate your existing design scheme.

Space saving: Vessel sinks typically occupy less space than recessed or pedestal sinks. This frees up space on your vanity for all those essentials that you need to keep on display or close to hand. 

Shapes & sizes

The most exciting thing about installing a vessel sink is finding the perfect shape for your space. Whether it’s rounded, angular, curved or asymmetrical: the right vessel sink will deliver a luxury accent to your design aesthetic. 

Deep & Round

One of the more traditional styles, Calma Gabrielli’s smooth lines and traditional shape bring a sense of comfort and solidity to the bathroom space. Defined by its generous size and classic symmetry, this confident vessel sinks minimizes splashback and fits seamlessly into contemporary washroom design. The artisanal composition of hardwearing mineral rock promises an easy-to-clean, non-porous and hygienic surface.

Sleek & Sharp 

For the ultra-modern design enthusiasts, Calma Allegri delivers bold, angular character in abundance. Delicate yet solid, this unique rectangular vessel sink has been crafted to command attention in your home. Like all Calma vessel sinks, it’s finished with a high-quality UV-resistant Gelcoat that helps it retain its stunning lustre for years to come.

Oval Chic 

For a deep, plump oval style, the Calma Puccini is the only way to go. The deep bowl is not only beautiful, it’s practical and delivers ease to your everyday routine.The sleek bowl made from natural, environmentally friendly rock is practical for catching splashes and sprays, and the non-porous, non-irritant surface is easy to clean. Made from the highest quality materials, Puccini̍s promises never to fade or discolor over time. 

Dare to be Different 

For something a little out of the ordinary, the Calma Firenze vessel sink floats gracefully above the vanity. Neither round nor perfectly square, this stunning sink is a contemporary design feature that promises to grab attention in your washroom. Cast marble technology produces an immaculate non-porous surface, central to the hygienic and non-irritant properties of the bowl. Firenzi is built to last using sturdy, natural and environmentally friendly mineral rock.

Style your Bathroom with ICO

ICO is passionate about bringing beautiful bathrooms to homes across North America. Our vessel sinks, towel warmers and accessories are stunning fixtures, designed to bring beautiful design accents to your home.

We’re proud to offer generous warranties and first-rate customer service. By working together with trusted dealers, we bring affordable luxury with contemporary and classic designs to you. If you want to learn more about towel warmers, browse our collections or find your nearest ICO dealer.

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