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In Stock Showroom Hand Sanitizer Stations

Keep you and your clients safe!

Introducing our new hand sanitizer stations that are sleek, easy to set up and ready to ship today!

With COVID sticking around it’s important to protect yourself, your employees and your customers. That is what we have released a new hand sanitizer station that can be placed wherever you need it in your showroom.  These units don’t need batteries or to be plugged in and are completely hands-free.

Feature Friday – Get To Know Karen!

I spend a large majority of my time working because I love what I do. It is important to me that my customers and team know they can reach out to me anytime.

Traveling to warm countries in the winter and traveling with work, exploring new opportunities as well as learning about different markets is something I always look forward to. I am easily bored and prefer to be active and I love a challenge. Covid-19 brought on a new challenge, it taught me new ways to communicate effectively and help service customers from a distance.  When I am not working, my happy place is at the cottage where I can enjoy an early morning paddle in a kayak on a peaceful lake with a friend and a relaxing afternoon in the sun while enjoying interesting conversations. I am passionate about my family and encouraging them to be the best people they can be.  I enjoy eating out, creative cooking at home.  My pets are also my family, I can’t imagine a home without them.

Tuzio Avento Polished Nickel

5 Step Guide to Picking the Right Size Towel Warmer

So, you made the decision to get a towel warmer, but don’t know which one will work for your bathroom. Don’t worry, keep on reading our simple guide to make sure you get the perfect towel warmer for your bathroom.

Step 1:

Cut out some cardboard to the size of towel warmers you are deciding between.

Step 2:

Hold the cardboard up against the wall and decide which one you think will work best for your family and the room it is going in.

Step 3:

Order your new towel warmer.

Step 4:

Install your towel warmer.

Step 5:

Enjoy dry, warm towels after your shower!

This 5 step guide can also help you decide what height to hang your towel warmer at! Or if you don’t want to make any more decisions, you can also follow our height guide here.

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10 Activities You Can Do At Home

Sick of cleaning and organizing but want to do something productive? Here are some things you can try to help keep you entertained all in the comfort of your own home with supplies you might already have.

1) Re-arrange your furniture (if you haven’t yet)

And not just the big stuff. Move your art around to different rooms to give each room a new feel. Switch the lamps around in your home. Try a whole new closet layout. Go crazy. Worst-case scenario, you hate how it looks and if that happens you can always put things back.

2) Update planters/small furniture/old décor

Have some old paint kicking around? Paint a planter or a decoration you don’t use anymore to give it new life. If you don’t have house paint but have an abundance of nail polish, try that for smaller items. The best part is, whatever old paint you have laying around will already be in colours you like.

3) Propagate your plants

a. Are you a plant-parent? Try your hand at creating more plants without going to the store. Check out this great tutorial here or google how to’s for the exact plant you have.

4) Start planning your next reno

a. Admit it, you are stuck in your house and have a mental list of everything you want to change… well, write it down and make a plan. Check out our advice on how to start your next reno here: 10 Tips For Your Next Home Reno

5) Start the craft project you’ve been putting off

a. Admit it, you have everything you need to start this project just sitting in your closet collecting dust… roll up your sleeves and dive in! You’ll feel better after you start.

6) Finish that project that you started last year

If you are like me, you have a project that’s been sitting half complete in your house for at least a year… why not finish it. Once you finish a task, you’ll feel so much better and you’ll have time to do a little photo shoot to share with your friends. You never know, you might inspire them to finish their projects too.

7) Hang your art

a. That’s right, those pictures you have sitting next to empty frames…. Hang ‘em up! Give yourself some new scenery to look at. No art to hang? Make your own!

8) Do some yard work

Depending on the weather where you are and the type of building you live in, get outside and get your hands dirty.

9) Try your old hobbies again

a. You know that old instrument you have, pull it out and see if you still know how to play it. Diving back into your old hobbies can be a great way to reminisce about your past and get your mind off the world’s current situation for a bit.

10) Call your friends/neighbours/co-workers/family

a. Seriously, if you are alone or stuck with the same few people for a while, getting some socializing in can do wonders for your mental health. If you don’t like just having conversations, there are tonnes of great online games for all ages that you can play together. Here is a short list to give you some ideas.

Bonus) Relax

a. It is ok to just sit down and relax. You don’t have to be productive every minute of the day, in fact, you shouldn’t try to be! Watch Netflix, read a book, stare out the window, have a nap, do something just because you WANT to do it, not because you should.

What Do You Do?

What do you do to entertain yourself while we are staying home to save lives? If you have great ideas, leave a comment or send us a message so we can share it with everyone!

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Wash Your Hands.

10 Tips For Your Home Reno Project

It seems that we could all be stuck inside for a while, so why not start planning that home renovation project you’ve been thinking about. To help you get started, we have polled a few people we know who have been through renovations and professionals in the industry to get their best advice. Below are our top 10 tips to help you get through your renovation!

1) Budget, budget & budget!

It will cost more than you think. Unexpected problems will come up that cannot be avoided, so when you make your budget, keep some aside for the unexpected. Also, be prepared to re-assign your budget partway through the project.

If there is something you are dying to have such as a towel warmer, you might be surprised at the reasonably priced options. For example, our Kontour range is quite affordable and luxurious!

2) Make a clean plan but be flexible

Plan your project ahead of time. This should go hand in hand with your budget. Keep in mind the scope of the project and try not to let that creep too big as the project moves along. You don’t want to budget for new floors, then end up paying for a whole new kitchen.

Also keep in mind that plans will change. You might learn that you cannot move that sink where you want or that there is no good place for a wall-mounted toilet paper holder. When that happens, you might have to go back a few steps and re-plan your layout and re-work your budget. In those cases, picking a new sink or grabbing a free-standing toilet paper holder are easy fixes that won’t break the bank. These kinds of issues are more common than people would like, so when it does happen, approach the problem with a rational mind and you’ll come up with the perfect solution.

3) Decide if you can DIY or if you are better off hiring a professional

This one is tricky, it depends on your skill level, the job at hand, your budget and more. Trades have safety codes in place for a reason, so depending on the project bring someone in to do it, or at least to check on your completed work. It doesn’t matter how good the final project looks if it falls apart in 2 years.

Some jobs, however, can be simple to do on your own, if you have the skill, tools, and patience to do it correctly. For example, a handy homeowner can easily install their own bathroom accessory pieces if they feel confident, but if you are more like myself, you would go straight to a professional.

Whatever you decide, be smart and be safe.

4) Protect all surfaces you want to keep… countertops, glass, flooring, etc

Things fall, paint spills, accidents happen so make sure to protect the things you would rather not replace during this renovation.

5) There will be a mess

is going to be intense – be prepared

Everyone knows that renovations are messy, but everyone is surprised at just how messy they can get. Do your best to be prepared. Have a shop vac, garbage bags, dusting supplies, rags and other cleaning supplies ready at hand so you can continuously manage the mess so it doesn’t become unbearable. Cleaning as you go can make the process smoother and easier.

6) Cheap is expensive

That’s right. Hiring the cheapest contractor or getting the cheapest product can lead to costly fixes down the road. Do your research, check reviews and do it right the first time to save money. If you’re not sure and want advice, reach out to your local showroom, they are professionals and work with budgets big and small.

7) Be patient

Everything and I mean everything will take longer than you would like. Delays happen. Even a thing as simple as the wrong product being sent out can put you back weeks. If that does happen, stay calm, yelling at your contractor or the delivery guy will not help your renovation wrap up any sooner. Work together for the best solution. You might end up taking a second look at your local bathroom showroom and finding a better vessel sink than you originally picked!

8) Problems will come up

For real, when you take a wall down, you won’t know what’s behind it until it’s too late and it could be bad. Try not to panic because when you made your budget you planned extra for this exact situation. Whatever the issue, there will be a solution, you just need to think rationally until you find the solution that works for you and your home.

9) Word of mouth isn’t always great

Not every trade person your friends recommend are guaranteed to be good. Especially trades like tilers where so many are self-taught. Make sure to do your own research. You want to hire the best people for you and your needs.

10) If you are a DIY master, measure twice, cut once!

That’s a simple one. Once a countertop is cut, it’s cut for good.


We had a lot of people to straight-up say don’t renovate, or if you do, have wine, beer and a divorce lawyer on speed dial!
Of course, this one is a joke, however, renovations are a very stressful time so do your best to keep your cool and have fun with it when you can!

icobath lifestyle bathroom - Kontour

icobath lifestyle bathroom – Kontour

What Kind Of Towel Warmer Is Right For You Blog Post

What Kind Of Towel Warmer Is Right For You?

There are a few different options to choose from when selecting a towel warmer and it might feel overwhelming at first, but with a few easy questions, we will help you find the towel warmer of your dreams!

  1. Is the towel warmer going to be used as a secondary heat source or only to warm towels?
      1. There are two different heating varieties of towel warmers, liquid-filled and electrical wire.

    Liquid filled towel warmers will not only warm your towel but will also act as a secondary heat source in whichever room it is added to.

    The electrical wire towel warmers will create enough heat to dry and warm your towel but cannot act as a secondary heat source.

  2. How much do you want to spend?
      1. We have 2 brands of towel warmers, Tuzio and Kontour.

    Our Kontour line is our economical line and prices range from $300-$700. These towel warmers are a great product at a great price. Keep in mind that Kontour towel warmers are heated by electric wire and cannot act as a secondary heat source.

    The Tuzio towel warmers are higher end towel warmers and prices range from $700-$3,000. This brand can also act as a secondary heat source.

  3. How can I power my towel warmer?
      1. There are three options to power your towel warmer; plug-in, hardwire and hydronic.

    The plug-in option is great if you don’t want to open your wall to access the electrical. The towel warmer is simply plugged in and turned on when you want to use it.

    The Hardwire option is great if you are renovating or building and the finishing touches in the home are not yet done. With this option, the towel warmer is wired directly into your homes electrical system. Hardwire allows you to hide the cord with a decorative tube and the towel warmer can be controlled using a programmable digital timer.

    Hydronic Heating is the final option. This is possible if you have a boiler in your home and can create a separate line to the towel warmer. Hydronic heating is great as no electrical elements are needed.

Once you have the technical decisions made, it’s time for the fun part… picking the size, style and finish!

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7 Reasons You Need a Towel Warmer

Have you ever wondered what a towel warmer is and why you need one? You aren’t alone! Many people living in North American have never heard of or have never used one of these wonderful inventions made popular in European hotels.

A towel warmer is simply, a bathroom accessory that heats and dries your towel as well as supplies radiant heat to a room. However, that does not answer the question of WHY you need one so let me list the reasons; Read more