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How To Order A Hydronic Towel Warmer

How To Order A Hydronic Towel Warmer

It’s time, you have made the decision to install a hydronic towel warmer in your home! Now it’s time to place an order… but there are so many options and you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, just keep on reading and we’ll get through this together.

  1. You need a boiler system in your home to install a hydronic towel warmer.
    • It is important that the towel warmer can also be installed on a closed loop with an anti-rust inhibitor in it to avoid rusting.
  2. Are your feed pipes coming from the floor or wall?
  3. BUT, there are 3 options of valves, what’s the difference?!
    • Regular: This is a regular valve that you can tighten and loosen to increase and decrease the heat output of the towel warmer.
    • Thermostatic: This acts just like a regular valve, but has visual heat settings of 0-6.  This option is our favourite, but we know everyone has unique tastes.
    • Traditional Gate Valve: These are only for our traditional styled towel warmers. If you are purchasing a traditional towel warmer, we recommend these valves.
  4. What else do I need?
    • Every towel warmer will need a hydronic installation pack. The 8” installation pack is great for piping coming from the wall and the 24” installation pack is perfect for piping coming from the floor. It is likely that in either case these pipes will need to be cut down to fit the space. These installation packs replace the standard copper pipe with a pipe that matches the colour of your new towel warmer and a shroud to neaten things up.

To put this in a real life situation: If you have a modern style bathroom with piping coming from a wall and you don’t care about seeing the level of heat and just want a basic valve, you would order the regular angle valve with the 8” hydronic installation pack in whichever finish you need to match your towel warmer.

We hope this helps to clear up any confusion with ordering a hydronic towel warmer, but if not, don’t worry – give us a call and we can help you out.