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Kontour Now in Matte Black - Linear and Square

New Products!

You’ve heard the rumours… Linear and Square towel warmers from our Kontour brand are now available to order in Matte Black! These two affordable and timeless towel warmers just go a lot more versatile!

Download the sell sheet with product codes and prices here.

You might also have heard about our new pricing and new products from our CosyFloor electric infloor heating brand. We are excited to now offer a WiFi enabled touchscreen thermostat, available as an add on to any order.

We have also updated our pricing for the first time in 4 years!

Download the Edition 5 CosyFloor Brochure here.

We aren’t done yet… stay tuned for more new product announcements coming soon!

CosyFloor Brochures - All About CosyFloor Infloor Heating

All About CosyFloor!

Heated flooring has become a popular addition to homes throughout North America and if you have ever felt one, you will understand why. There is something special about being able to walk around barefoot and not have your feet touch anything cold. Not only does CosyFloor heat your floor, but it also creates ambient heat to help the whole room warm up.

Our CosyFloor cable systems can go under almost any flooring so you don’t have to compromise on style in order to get the comfort you want. Imagine stepping into your master bathroom and instead of feeling cold tile first thing in the morning you are greeted with a warm touch. Our cable system is suitable for rooms of any shape or configuration due to its versatility.

If you are looking for quick installation, our mat system is for you. All you need to do is roll it out and hook it up. The cables are adhered to a rolled mat spaced at 3” apart, the ideal spacing to ensure equally heated flooring. This system is great for large areas and ideal for standard room layouts.

If you are worried you won’t have enough juice in your electrical system to power these systems, you don’t need to. With our master/slave unit controller units the power needed can be spread over multiple breakers for efficient power usage. This also allows for zoning capabilities throughout larger heated floor layouts.

For an added touch of ease, we have introduced our wifi and touchscreen thermostats! Our wifi enabled touchscreen thermostat can even be controlled from your phone! Both the wifi touchscreen and touchscreen thermostat include air and floor temperature settings for your optimal heating goals. Our wifi and touchscreen enabled thermostats can run multiple programs so you and your family can have heated floors when you need them. For those who like to keep it simple, we offer a programmable thermostat controlled solely with buttons on the device, no need phone apps or wifi.

Bathroom renovations only happen once about every 20 years, so when you are considering your flooring think about adding the luxury of in-floor heating. Avoid the regret on cold mornings… live with the luxury now.

Download our Edition 5 CosyFloor Brochure here.


I am happy to say that the towel warmer is now installed and working well. Thank you very much for your customer service, I would have no hesitation in recommending your products…

Homeowner (Volkano)

Excellent quality, very happy with the purchase.

Homeowner (Kontour)

Beautiful piece very well made and a fraction of the price of similar warmers by other companies.


Based on this experience, I will not hesitate to recommend your company. I thank you once again.

Showroom Consultant

The quality of their products really shines through even with the regular towel bars and accessories. Choose ICO Bath and you will not be disappointed!

Homeowner (Kontour)

Best purchase ever. Price is very reasonable, and it helps keep my towels warm and bacteria free. Also, very trendy in chrome. Perfect for my home!


You have provided great customer support and I have no reservations about recommending your products to my friends.


Our company has installed floor heating systems for 13 years and has recently changed to installing CosyFloor and are loving it! … Overall, we are saving 20 -25% in time spent installing. Hands down we will never go back to any other brands!!!!


We could not believe the quality of service we received from Ralph and the ICO team. They were responsive, understanding and genuinely willing to help. With a quick exchange of facts and images, they replaced the rack, in an effortless and rewarding manner many other stores should follow. In short, AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE!


As a contractor and on a personal level, I will continue to recommend your products to clients and friends.


Outstanding customer service from Katie. Awesome products, with first class customer support!

Showroom Consultant

ICO BATH are by far the leading distributor in bathroom accessories and towel warmers. They have competent, knowledgeable, polite customer service representatives that really know their stuff! We have been ordering from them for years and will be for years to come!

Homeowner (Tuzio)



One of my friends installed a CosyFloor system and came in yesterday and said it is the only way to go now. Won’t be installing anything else. Very user friendly and very fast to put in. Brilliant fastening system, cables lay flat, likes to buy it in kits.

Homeowner (Tuzio)

Amazing and quality product. Fast delivery.

Homeowner (Volkano)

Lovely, high-quality piece. Can’t wait to install it!

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