the new Vivaldi Trough Sink

Introducing the New Vivaldi Trough Sink

Say hello to our new addition to the Calma collection! Available from June 2021, the Vivaldi Trough Sink is big, bold and guaranteed to take centre stage in your bathroom.

Taking inspiration from the enduring power of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons: this stunning design promises to stand the test of time.

the new Vivaldi Trough Sink


Characterised by its strong, rectangular form, Vivaldi oozes confidence and provides a generous wash space bringing ultimate luxury to your everyday routine.


Crafted from modern cast marble technology, the Vivaldi trough sink consists of approximately 75% crushed dolomite. This natural, environmentally friendly mineral rock is infused with bonding resin content, creating a strong and impeccably smooth material. 


ICO’s UV resistant Gelcoat guarantees the Vivaldi will retain its glossy aesthetic for years to come. This durable model is built to withstand everyday use without compromising its glistening, white luster.


Our Calma collection fuses bold structures and luscious materials to form a beautiful range of contemporary sinks – take a look at the full Calma range here.

ICO offers generous warranties, first-rate customer service and work with the most trusted dealers in the industry to bring beautiful bathrooms to you. 

We’d love to hear from you: chat to one of our expert advisors today or find your local dealer on our website.

The Ultimate Guide to Bathroom Accessories

When creating beautiful interiors, it’s the small touches that make a lasting impact. Cohesive bathroom design is all about creating a space that not only flows and functions flawlessly, but brings comfort to your everyday routine.

That’s why we love bathroom accessories! They bring versatility, colour, accents, light… the list goes on. Whether you’re designing from scratch, revamping or just looking to breathe a little life into your space with accessories you can do it all. 

Here’s our ultimate guide to bathroom accessories that shows some of the ways they can transform your space, all while keeping the costs down. 

ICO’s Essential Guide to Bathroom Accessories

Focal Fixtures

volkano magma towel ring with grey towel

If minimalism is your thing, then a focal fixture like a striking towel ring or bar can make a real statement without cluttering the space. A strong feature piece like our Magma towel ring is bold, balanced and holds thick, fluffy towels too.

Always consider the best placement before installing a fixed accessory: make sure it’s in a spot that’s natural to access and flows with the aesthetic of the space.

Also, check out our tips for selecting the perfect towel warmer if warm, fluffy towels after a bath is something your interested in.

Multi-Functional Pieces

white volkano shower stool with flowers - guide to bathroom accessories

Multi-use accessories are versatile pieces that lend style and purpose to your space.

A seat or stool like our Volkano Shower Stool brings comfort to your routine, but can also double up as handy storage for towels and bathing products.

If you’re relaxing in the tub, all your bathing essentials are right beside you with a gorgeous multi-functional stool.


Volkano Backlit Mirror - guide to bathroom accessories

Mirrors are everything when it comes to backroom design. They create light, movement and open up the space.

Mirrors are one of the most functional pieces in a bathroom too – for the biggest impact try to place them above sinks and near natural light sources.

Our Volkano backlit mirror is ideal for makeup application and grooming: it can be moved to the most comfortable spot to suit your needs too.

Statement Shelving

volkano fire glass bathroom shelf with soaps

Shelving can be a style feature too…  just take a look at our Volkano Fire glass shelf!

Fusing strong metals with a glass panel breathes elegance and simplicity into the space. Statement shelving not only creates a focal point, it maximises space and acts as a beautiful countertop for products on display.

It’s these details that bring your design together into a single, cohesive aesthetic and create space you love to spend time in.

Reinvigorate Your Space With ICO Bathroom Accessories

We’re passionate about bringing beautiful bathrooms to homes across North America. That’s why we offer generous warranties and first-rate customer service.

ICO is proud to work together with trusted dealers to bring affordable luxury with contemporary and classic designs to you. If you’re adding those finishing touches, consider ICO Bathroom accessories for that added luxury.

We’d love to hear from you, get in touch and chat to one of our expert advisors today.

5 Statement Pieces for your Bathroom Showroom header

5 Statement Pieces for your Bathroom Showroom

Showrooms are imaginative spaces, inspiring creative possibilities for homes of all shapes and sizes. When it comes to selecting bathroom fixtures: showrooms are the place where ideas come to life. Only in a showroom can buyers start to appreciate the various sizing, texture and finishes of bathroom pieces. 

Here at ICO, we fuse comfort, luxury and smart design into everything we create to bring beautiful bathrooms to homes across North America. We’ve curated some of our favourite pieces that promise to catch attention in your showroom this spring and put them together in this “5 Statement Pieces for your Bathroom Showroom” blog.



Matte Black Towel Warmer - 5 Statement Pieces for your Bathroom Showroom

Sorano is guaranteed to turn heads in any showroom. The minimalist design, confident construction and bold architectural statement makes it one of the most sought-after towel warmers in our Tuzio range. 

Placement has never been easier with Sorano. This contemporary towel warmer looks incredible with bold pops of colour, effortlessly chic in a monochrome bathroom and fits just about anywhere. The generous spacing between bars can be merchandised with larger, fluffy towels, or left bare for its raw beauty to speak for itself! 


Calma Cavalli Sink - a bathroom showroom essential

This gorgeous vessel sink is guaranteed to breathe life into any showroom setting. The teardrop shape is a real eye-catcher and looks gorgeous paired with just about all bathroom styles. Whether you’re showcasing it alongside angular models, or softer rounder fixtures, the Calma Cavalli will bring a real statement, focal point to any display.

At the heart of each design is the simplicity of a product that functions as flawlessly as it looks. This showstopper always holds its own: so merchandise it alongside strong textiles and bold colours and it will still remain the talking point!


Kontour Towel Warmer is a Statement Piece for your Bathroom Showroom

The Kontour towel warmer range is the ultimate affordable choice for luxury towel warmers in North America. The collection has been crafted with the finest, most durable materials and customers will be amazed at the incredible value for money this range has to offer.

This signature square design is big, bold and characterised by crisp edges and balanced lines. Available in chrome, brushed nickel and matte black, this versatile, square electric towel warmer is a stylish feature guaranteed to grab attention in your showroom. 


Volkano Shower Stool

This Volkano Shower Stool is not only elegant: it brings comfort and practicality to bathroom design. This modern piece really balances space and can be used to style props and save on wash space around units in your showroom. 

The sleek Volkano aesthetic is durable too: it’s made to withstand use in wet areas and can hold up to 330lbs. Built with wellbeing in mind, it’s an interactive piece that will have customers trying and testing it out for comfort.


Towel Holder - Statement Pieces for your bathroom

The Scala swivelling towel holder is simple yet impactful. It’s kissed with chrome to bring a high-shine, high-quality finish to any showroom display. The soft and simple proportions complement all bathroom styles and as they’re adjustable, they can easily be positioned at the best angle to suit the space. 

Crafted from durable stainless steel and made to withstand daily use, all Scala accessories are constructed to look gorgeous and bring ease to customer’s daily routines. The bars will swing smoothly even with weightier towels: a real customer favourite for a reason. 

Need advice for customers who can’t decide what towel warmer is best for their bathroom? Follow our top tips for selecting the perfect towel warmer.


We’re passionate about bringing luxurious, affordable bathrooms to everybody. To do that, we work together with trusted dealers to deliver exceptional customer service, support and generous warranties with every ICO product that’s sold.

If you’re a bathroom showroom that’s interested in working with us, we’d love to hear from you. Fill out the below form and we’ll be in touch to see how we can team up to bring affordable, luxury bathrooms to homes across North America.

Ico logo - We're Updating Our Prices

ICO NEWS: We’re Updating Our Pricing

We’re grateful for our loyal, supportive customers and we’re committed to inspiring premium bathroom design for all budgets. The world has experienced unprecedented changes over the last year that have impacted all of us, so we are increasing our prices to keep offering the premium quality and service that our customers expect and deserve. 

Over the past 12 months, we’ve seen a surge in global demand for steel manufacturing and rises in global shipping costs. Our retail prices are increasing to help us manage these costs and continue to deliver excellence to our customers. 

We’re launching our ICO 2021 brochure in mid-May, so all updated pricing will be made available in hard copy for dealers and showrooms. All orders placed on or before 31 May 2021 will of course be honoured with the existing pricing. If you’d like a copy of our full pricing sheet or have any questions, please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to give you more detail. 

ICO appreciates your continued loyalty and support through these changing times, and we’re looking forward to exciting developments in the upcoming months. 

Thanks again for choosing ICO and supporting us through these challenging times. We’re optimistic for the future and we’re grateful to have you on this journey with us. 

Kindest regards,

Ralph Cockburn

General Manager

5 Top tips for Selecting the Perfect Bathroom Towel Warmer

5 Top Tips for Selecting the Perfect Bathroom Towel Warmer

Is there a better feeling than sinking into a hot tub of bubbles after a long day? Well… yeah! Try wrapping yourself in a warm, fluffy towel straight from the heated rack and tell us you don’t feel pampered?

Here at ICO, we bring comfort, luxury and smart design together to develop bathroom heating solutions that are sleek, high quality and affordable. No matter the size of your space, our towel warmers bring that sanctuary-feel to your home so every day feels like a spa day.

We’ve put together our top tips to consider when selecting the perfect bathroom towel warmer for your home…

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Bathroom Towel Warmer

1. Consider your placement

The perfect placement isn’t always the first place that comes to mind – so be sure to get a real feel for your space and consider every option. If you’re working with a more spacious area, then consider height and projection: this is essentially the depth of the warmer.

Remember, towel warmers don’t always have to be at hand level so get creative and consider low-level options for intelligent heating and storage solutions.

Our favourite placement is next to the bath or shower – once you step out and grab that warm, snuggly towel right away, trust us, you’ll never look back!

2. Electric or hydronic towel warmers?

Towel warmers are either electric hardwired, electric plug-in or hydronic. This means you should always consider your power and water sources when making your selection.

The most popular choices for towel heaters are usually electric hardwired or electric plug-in models. They’re super easy to install and can transform your bathroom into a stylish and comfortable sanctuary at the flick of a switch. Electric heated towel racks are also available with convenient 7-day timers so you’ll never have to wait for your towel to heat up – they’ll be ready when you are!

If you’re opting for a hydronic model, then you’ll need to connect to your boiler system plumbing. You can install through wall or floor feed pipes, so it’s a good idea to understand what the best option is before you make your decision. 

3. Style to suit your space

Whatever your space, towel warmers promise to bring that spa-like luxury to your home. A petite wall-mounted shelf or rack is a sophisticated addition for smaller spaces: these are perfect for those snug areas and can be mounted side by side too.

Models with flat bars and panels are also clever additions to help maximise space, while still bringing that little piece of luxury to your life. The angled models are perfect for larger families – with a heated shelf on top and bars below – you can stack, fold and hang towels all on the same unit!

If you’ve got that extra bit of space, then a curved warmer will provide space for more towels and bring a little more heat.  

4. Have fun with colour and finishes

Here’s where you can really get creative!

Towel warmers aren’t just functional, they’re a statement design feature too. ICO has a wide range of striking models finished in white, chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, oil rubbed bronze, polished nickel… the list goes on.

You can match your towel warmer to your existing bathroom features, or you can play around and mix metals and finishes to bring contrast to your bathroom for added depth and character.

5. Choose ICO for Bathroom Bliss 

We’re passionate about bringing warm towels to homes all across North America. Our towel warmers are designed to enrich lives through comfort, luxury and design.

ICO is proud to offer generous warranties and first-rate customer service. We work together with trusted dealers to bring affordable luxury with contemporary and classic designs to you.

If you want to learn more about towel warmers, browse our products or find your nearest dealer.

March Offer – Buy 2 Get 1 on Calma Vessel Sinks!

You read that right! We are offering you the chance to stock up on our very popular Calma Vessel Sinks.

Purchase any two sinks at your regular discount and receive the third sink of equal or less value for free.

Calma vessel sinks are made with 75% crushed dolomite, infused with bonding resin to create a strong yet impeccably smooth material. These beautiful structures or finished with a UV protection coat which leaves them shining for a lifetime.

We’ve recently released 4 new sinks and brought back a few fan favorites.

Below is a small sample of the unique collection that Calma brings.


How To Install Volkano Accessories

Re-released Calma Vessel Sinks

We are excited to announce the return of some fan-favourite sinks! The best part is, they are all in stock and ready to ship!

Returning to the Calma line-up are:

Gabrielli – Gabrielli’s smooth lines and traditional shape bring a sense of comfort and solidity to any bathroom. Its generous size and classic symmetry are in perfect harmony. Gabrielli’s practical nature keeps rogue splashes confined within its spherical bowl, while the artisanal composition of hardwearing mineral rock promises an easy-to-clean, non-porous and hygienic surface. The artistic perfection extends further to the high-quality UV resistant Gelcoat, which retains shine, protects colour and seamlessly synchronizes with surrounding surfaces such as wood and rock.

Vecchi – A masterpiece of the Renaissance, the graceful and elegant Vecchi makes an exquisite statement. Despite the delicate appearance of a flower petal, the Vecchi is deceptively mighty. Made from environmentally friendly dolomite rock, the bonding resin content enables the basin to hold weight, maintain its shape and resist damage. The silky, hygienic, non-porous surface accumulates heat, giving guests a warm, pleasing sensation. Both light and dramatic, just like the virtuoso himself, Vecchi is a popular choice.

Martini – A compact classic, the Martini is an exquisite complement to any en-suite or powder room. The bold square exterior is juxtaposed by smooth melodic curves creating a sense of balance and equilibrium. It is through innovative cast marble technology that such meticulously precise edges can be achieved. Sophistication through simplicity, Martini is perfect for a quick rinse. The robust dolomite rock can withstand the test of time, retain its clean-cut gleam, and will not stir when shaken.

Bassini – Bassini’s solid round shape and deep bowl are an illustrious addition to bathrooms and en-suites. The superior cast marble process ensures absolute precision and accuracy along the spherical edge, while the high walls confine splashes or sprays. The fade-resistant, environmentally friendly materials preserve the gentle sheen of the surface, subtly reflecting natural materials surrounding the bowl. The flawless symmetry of the bowl is matched with first-class functionality, a combination worthy of a standing ovation.


Past Project – The River, Calgary

Feature Friday – Meet Ted, The CosyFloor Expert!

Ted or Teddy is a staple of the ICO Team. He’s been with the company since 2016 and has had many roles including warehouse worker, customer service representative, and now he is our CosyFloor Consultant.

This Friday, we want you to get to know Teddy on a more personal level so we got him to answer a few simple questions!


What is your favourite ICO product?

Cosyfloor! Duh, this stuff is great! 

What do you do in your free time?

I love learning new instruments, right now I’m focusing on learning the piano. 

What is your favourite food?

The Spicy Signature Donair from Prairie Donair, hands down!  Just tell them to follow their recipe and add a bit of feta cheese.  I promise you’ll like it!

What is your favourite summer activity?

I don’t really have an answer for this one.  Playing the piano again…?  Beer in the sun is nice too… or indoors with the AC on 😊

Ted is also a new homeowner and is excited to start decking his house out with CosyFloor infloor heating and ICO Bathroom Accessories!

A fun fact you might not know about Ted is that he loves buying and selling cars, so next time you chat with him, ask him what deals he has lined up.