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Feature Friday – Meet Ted, The CosyFloor Expert!

Ted or Teddy is a staple of the ICO Team. He’s been with the company since 2016 and has had many roles including warehouse worker, customer service representative, and now he is our CosyFloor Consultant. This Friday, we want you to get to know Teddy on a more personal level so we got him to […]

Introducing New Calma Vessel Sinks!

We are excited to announce the launch of our newest Calma vessel sinks! The first in the line-up is the Cavalli vessel sink which is available in 2 options, completely gloss white and gloss white with matte black exterior. Much like its namesake, the Cavalli vessel sink creates a strong dramatic effect sure to elevate your […]

Welcome Darrin!

Please join us in welcoming Darrin Wahlberg from Alpha Sales to the ICO team! If you are in the New England States and haven’t met him yet, please give him a warm hello. Darrin is the 3rd generation decorative sales representative in his family and has been in this industry since 1996! He has a […]

In Stock Showroom Hand Sanitizer Stations

Keep you and your clients safe! Introducing our new hand sanitizer stations that are sleek, easy to set up and ready to ship today! With COVID sticking around it’s important to protect yourself, your employees and your customers. That is what we have released a new hand sanitizer station that can be placed wherever you […]

Feature Friday – Get To Know Karen!

I spend a large majority of my time working because I love what I do. It is important to me that my customers and team know they can reach out to me anytime. Traveling to warm countries in the winter and traveling with work, exploring new opportunities as well as learning about different markets is […]

5 Step Guide to Picking the Right Size Towel Warmer

So, you made the decision to get a towel warmer, but don’t know which one will work for your bathroom. Don’t worry, keep on reading our simple guide to make sure you get the perfect towel warmer for your bathroom. Step 1: Cut out some cardboard to the size of towel warmers you are deciding […]

Welcome Bobby & Susan To The ICO Team

Please join us in welcoming Bobby and Susan from Vertical Sales to the ICO team! Bringing a combined experience of 30 years, we are honored to have them on our team and representing ICO in the Southern California area! Susan loves to cook and spend time with her 2 lovely sons, Logan and Gavin. In […]