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Volkano Bathroom Accessories

Inspired by the Earth’s power and raw beauty, our Volkano Collection of bathroom accessories will transform your bathroom landscape. Combining modern European design with a strong aesthetic, this collection makes a memorable impression with no apologies. Erupt The Erupt series brings clean sharp lines that are harmonious and fluid yet still able to hold the […]

All About Tuzio Towel Warmers

Comfort, luxury and sophistication have combined to make Tuzio the most inspiring range of towel warmers in North America. Tuzio towel warmers offer superb quality and exceptional value, setting a new benchmark in performance and excellence – rivaled by none. Installation Options When you choose a Tuzio towel warmer for your bathroom, you can choose […]

How To Order A Hydronic Towel Warmer

It’s time, you have made the decision to install a hydronic towel warmer in your home! Now it’s time to place an order… but there are so many options and you don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, just keep on reading and we’ll get through this together. You need a boiler system in your […]

IDS Vancouver 2019

IDS Vancouver 2019 is coming up September 26-29 and we hope to see you there! Check us out at booth #1415 right across from The District for a chance to win a free-standing Camber towel warmer and say hi to our team. We will be showcasing FIVE new Volkano bathroom accessory lines, each with unique […]

All About Kontour

Try a Kontour towel warmer and you may never go back to living without one. With its inspiring range of modern and classic towel warmers, Kontour sets a new benchmark in performance and convenience. Our Kontour line of towel warmers are manufactured with a dry wire heating element and are meticulously crafted to a high […]

A Short History of Sinks

Vessel sinks are everywhere these days and we thought we would shine some light on this bathroom feature’s history, beauty and practicality! The popularity of vessel sinks appeals to the traditionalist as well as to the innovator. It reminds us of the old basins and pitchers and yet allows us to take advantage of modern […]

Quality Control

We are committed to quality. From concept to design and solution, our vision is to provide an inspiring range of modern, contemporary products to every house in North America. Each of our products has been created for a specific look and feel to suit the needs of architects, interior designers and individuals who appreciate sophistication […]

New Products!

You’ve heard the rumours… Linear and Square towel warmers from our Kontour brand are now available to order in Matte Black! These two affordable and timeless towel warmers just go a lot more versatile! Download the sell sheet with product codes and prices here. You might also have heard about our new pricing and new products […]

All About CosyFloor!

Heated flooring has become a popular addition to homes throughout North America and if you have ever felt one, you will understand why. There is something special about being able to walk around barefoot and not have your feet touch anything cold. Not only does CosyFloor heat your floor, but it also creates ambient heat […]

What Kind Of Towel Warmer Is Right For You?

There are a few different options to choose from when selecting a towel warmer and it might feel overwhelming at first, but with a few easy questions, we will help you find the towel warmer of your dreams! Is the towel warmer going to be used as a secondary heat source or only to warm […]